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In order to minimize the risks involved with tooth hazards, always establish effective safety plans to keep your smile safe. This can be a checklist of things that you implement in your day-to-day routine to help minimize dental damage from oral accidents or injuries. For a list of items that can potentially damage your smile, consider the following risk factors for tooth hazards:

– Exercise caution with gummy candy. Furthermore, exercise caution with all sticky and chewy foods. This is because they can easily linger on your teeth and gums long after eating them. Not only will this slowly wear down your teeth and gums due to the products being in contact with them, and it can also increase the rate at which tooth decay occurs and potentially cause plaque buildup and tartar.

– Are you aware of the amount of sugars in soda? If not, it is important to understand that soda is known for leading to dental erosion due to the number of sugars in it including other acids that are present in soft drinks, such as phosphoric and citric acids.

– Never use your teeth to open any kind of products. This includes using your mouth as a bottle opener or for any other similar task. Doing so can cause severe dental damage and poses immediate tooth hazards. To help keep your smile safe, only use your teeth for eating.

– Starchy foods such as potato chips should be avoided. This is because bacteria and plaque within your mouth can break down these substances into acids that contribute to dental erosion.

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