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The seriousness of oral cancer and its often quick progression to advanced stages are the reasons why oral cancer screenings are important. At Dobry Dental, our team performs routine oral cancer screenings as part of a six-month dental checkup. At least 40,000 American patients are diagnosed with oral cancer every year, but the chances of successful recover are greater with early detection of the disease.

To determine if you need an oral cancer screening, we invite you to review the following possible symptoms of oral cancer:

– Difficulty using your mouth to eat or speak
– Teeth that feel as though they have shifted position
– Rashes, swelling, lumps, or bumps in your mouth that seem abnormal
– A feeling of numbness or total lack of feeling in your neck, head, ears, face, or mouth
– Significant weight loss that occurred unexpectedly
– Chronic sore throat
– Irregular bleeding in the mouth
– Patches of gum tissue that are white, deep red, or speckled

We encourage you to contact Dobry Dental at 586-286-0790 today if you are showing any of the aforementioned signs of oral cancer. Our team will help you schedule a visit with our dentist, Dr. John Dobry, as soon as possible, who will perform an oral cancer screening and determine if you need to undergo oral cancer treatment to protect your health.